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Cobalt Cloud supports https and has built-in server-side encryption. The cloud server automatically generates a 4096-bit strong private/public key-pair for each user. Private keys are encrypted with the login password of users, so nobody can get at your data if you are not logged into the server.
Yes, we use TLS for sending and receiving files over the network so they are encrypted during transmission.
No, Cobalt Cloud is not a backup solution. Changes you make in one place are synchronised to other places which means that if you accidentally remove or overwrite a file on your local system, Cobalt Cloud will remove it from the server. The 'previous files' and 'undelete' functionality of Cobalt Cloud is merely meant as a convenience and should never be relied upon as a backup function.
No, we maintain versions of files as they are replaced and you may revert to older versions at any time.
You should only use shareable links for files that you have the legal right to share with others (e.g. documents, photos, software, music, and videos that you personally created). You do not have the right to share files unless you own the copyright in them or have been given permission by the copyright owner to share them.
A conflict may be caused by two or more users editing the same file(s) at the same time or while 'on the road' before the files are synced. We do not merge changes to files. So you will get two files, the one that was synced to the server first and the one you had locally modified in the same time. You can compare the file changes by hand and delete the local file once you're sure you did not lose data.
If you have not enabled password recovery in your user profile (basic encryption module) you have a serious problem! Although the administrator can reset a forgotten user password, without the basic encryption module running there is no way to gain access your files, as your original password is the encryption key. Therefore, it is important that you keep a record of your password in a safe place!


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